Renee Bartholome for Blue Valley Schools
Renee Bartholome

Renee believes very strongly in a motto stated by Blue Valley Administrator, Dr. Jennifer Spencer
“all adults for all students all the time”.  It is a saying she has lived by her entire volunteer career. She is excited about the opportunity to serve the Students, Staff and Families of this community as a Blue Valley Board of Education Member.

Pilar and I are so happy to support Renee Bartholome for the Blue Valley School District Board of Education. We've known Renee for many years and our kids have grown up together in school, sports, and Scouting. Renee is a wonderful, bright and caring person. She has volunteered for so many school-related duties over the years and excelled in them. She knows our district inside and out. She will be a fantastic board member!
-Jeff & Pilar Wagoner
Overland Park Fall Parade 2019

I had a great time being a part of the Overland Park Fall Parade on Saturday. Loved seeing friends along the parade route.  I was so proud of the students that showed up to support me that morning. They are the reason I am running for BV School Board. #BVSuccess4All  #Renee4BVschools  

This is my why...…

The freedom to vote is a precious thing! Don't take it for granted. Also, make the best use of that vote by getting out and learning about the candidates for yourself!#BVSuccess4All #Renee4BVschools

I met Christan during my time working at Blue Valley Northwest High School. Circumstances threw us together one day and we instantly formed a connection. Most days she would come sit by my desk in the front office waiting for her bus and we would discuss how things were going in school and her life in general. I watched in amazement as this student, who did not care too much for school, began to blossom and share what she was learning. She started to open up to me about her interests and goals. I had the pleasure of watching a young woman emerge with a sense of self-confidence and the realization that the possibility of graduating early was now an option for her! I was so excited to see her at the annual Blue Valley Educational Foundation Breakfast this year. She came up and gave me a big hug and introduced me to her mother. She shared that she will be graduating early from the Blue Valley Academy Program and invited me to attend the spring ceremony. Guess where I will be May 10, 2020?  As a parent and former BV staff member, I understand that education is not a “one size fits all”.  Relationships are key to building learning environments for our students to grow and flourish. We must remain committed to providing our students and staff with the best resources and opportunities so they can experience #BVSuccess4All  #Renee4BVschools



I was the kindergarten para the year Sofia started school at Cottonwood Point Elementary. Known simply as "Mrs. B", I provided support to two different classrooms throughout the day and worked closely with all the students in this grade level. It was so awesome to watch how the staff worked hard to create different learning opportunities for each and every student in their classrooms. I was honored to be a part of the educational experience those children had that school year. I was so excited to see her with parents Jeff Wagoner and Pilar Perez Soto at the Blue Valley Educational Foundation Breakfast. Sofia is the Sunflower Ambassador for her school this year. She is a great role model and friend to her peers. #BVSuccess4All #Renee4BVschools

I worked with Renee for several years on the Blue Valley Northwest PTO and the Oxford Middle School PTO. Renee was always extremely dedicated and diligent in her leadership roles. I found she was focused on integrity and honesty in every aspect of her duties. Renee was a strong steward of those organizations funds. Based on my interactions and knowledge I am proud to recommend Renee for the Blue Valley School Board!
-Tom Alumbaugh