Renee Bartholome for Blue Valley Schools
We wholeheartedly support Renee Bartholome for the Blue Valley Board of Education. Renee has parented 4 kids through the Blue Valley school system, was an employee of several years, and a volunteer for over 13 years in so many capacities! She has seen the schools from ground level and we want people who bring common sense, the strength to ask questions, the ability to listen to answers, the ethical fortitude to do what is right, and the ability to lead without domineering, and a great sense of humor. Renee has the passion to serve and Blue Valley would benefit from her presence on the school board.
- Craig &Tracy Elford

Renee Bartholome

Before Blue Valley
Renee was born and raised in Rockford, Illinois where she attended private schools K-8. She was given the choice to attend Public High School and flourished during her four years at Harlem High School. She was the first in her family to attend college. She graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science from the University of Louisville. It was there she met her husband of 23 years, Bernard. After getting married, Renee decided to enter the world of Self-Employment. She became a Title Abstractor traveling the state of Kentucky for three years working for various attorneys and Title Companies before Bernard’s job relocated their family out of state.

Welcome to Blue Valley - The Elementary Years
Renee, Bernard, and their children moved to Overland Park in June 2004 right before their oldest started kindergarten. When he was diagnosed with Asperger’s, Renee understood the importance of intervention and worked as part of her son’s IEP Team for the next nine years. It was during this time Renee realized the importance of giving back and supporting the schools. She started chairing committees at Cottonwood Point Elementary and developed a strong passion for serving the community. She branched out into other opportunities within the schools and other organizations in the community. Church, Scouting, Sports - it did not matter to Renee. If it involved children, and there was a need, she gladly stepped up to serve.

Middle School and High School Years
Renee began the first of her volunteer leadership roles at Oxford Middle School when she saw a significant drop in volunteers and thereby a drop on opportunities for the students. She saw the need to become involved and provide support. As her children made their way through the various grade levels, Renee served as 1st Vice President, President and Board Advisor at Oxford. Based on that success, she was asked to be Co-President of the Cottonwood Point PTA as well as Co-President of the BVNW Parent Booster Club. She served an additional 4 years as President of the BVNW PBC, until another volunteer agreed to take on the leadership role.

District and Blue Valley Educational Foundation
As Renee’s volunteer experiences expanded, she began looking for other opportunities to serve the community beyond individual schools at the district level. She applied for and was
appointed to the Curriculum and Instruction Advisory Board for 2 two-year terms, attended
meetings of the BVLEAG, was appointed to the Middle School Task Force and, more recently,
began attending other committee meetings and School Board Workshops.

In recognition of her service, Renee was voted as the 2016 BVEF Julie Miller Volunteer of theYear. In 2017, she was elected to the Blue Valley Educational Foundation Board of Directors and continues to serve at their various events throughout the year. The BVEF Annual Breakfast and Battle of the Bands are two events that Renee continues to take part in --they are the highlights of her volunteering career!

Work History in Blue Valley
Renee brings a unique perspective to the board as she has also been an employee of the Blue Valley School District. She began as an AVID Tutor at Blue Valley North and Blue Valley West High Schools before deciding to work full-time for the district. Over the past 5 years she has taken on varied responsibilities such as a differentiated reading paraprofessional in the
elementary grades, In-School-Suspension para at the high school level, and the front desk receptionist at Blue Valley Northwest High School.

The Time is Now
When she decided to run in the 2019 Board of Education election, she also returned to being
self-employed in the real estate field. Understanding the time commitment and flexibility needed to successfully serve on the Board, Renee finds these two parts of her life complementary. Her experience and passion to serve the community make this the right time to campaign for a Board of Education seat.