Renee Bartholome for Blue Valley Schools



Among all of the candidates Renee Bartholome is easily the most qualified! She is known within the community for getting things done. Renee has spent numerous years filling volunteer positions within the Blue Valley School System at all grade levels. She understands the needs of the school administration but she's also a serious advocate for the growth of our students. Her passion is unprecedented. She is a leader who brings structure and discipline to a program but is also compassionate and encourages the thoughts and opinions of others. Renee definitely has my vote and support!
– Kristen Ellis

She truly cares!
Angela Arvanitakis

She would be a great asset to the Blue Valley School Board of Education.
Carol Sroor

Renee has always been a dedicated volunteer within the Blue Valley schools.
– Kris Quick

Renee is the perfect person to fill this opening on the board. I can’t think of anyone who will be more dedicated to stand up for our families here in the OP.
Polly Schwarz

Solid candidate, all in with heart and mind.
- Shadd Smith

If you want it done, and want it done right, call Renee Bartholome!! I know if I need something, that Renee is my go-to, to guide me in the right direction, assist me personally, or find out what needs to be done. She is a tireless resource - Always grateful to have Renee on board with any task!
Jane A. Schmidt

Renee puts 110% into everything she does. She is passionate about the education of our children and will work tirelessly to ensure that their best interests are always at the forefront of all decisions implemented by the board.
Marilyn Simpson

Committed, experienced, and passionate about our school community! I can't think of anyone better than Renee to represent the needs of our community on the School Board!  Blue Valley needs her voice, energy, experience, and passion to ensure Blue Valley continues to be a place where all children can learn and succeed...
- Tom & Celeste Schemmel

I endorse Renee Bartholome for The Blue Valley School Board of Education
Karen Elliott

Renee has not only been a great and incredible friend over the past 12 years, I have personally worked with her in the school settings and KNOW she would be a perfect voice on our school board.
Cara Rinne

She's perfect for the job
Fernanda Fisher

Renee is a go getter. She follows up and gets things done!
David Gundersen

Renee is passionate, conscientious, and would be a tremendous addition to the Blue Valley School Board.
Beverly Nobrega

We've known Renee for about 8 years and have seen her as a very involved parent of 4, and also a dedicated employee within the Blue Valley school district. She has the passion, endless energy, and genuine concern for students, teachers, and the issues of our schools. We think Renee would be perfect as a member of the Blue Valley School Board!
Jodi and Marty Gagnon

After serving with Renee on PTA and PTO board for years, including Co-President; I am excited to see her expand her honest and straightforward leadership to benefit all of Blue Valley.
– Aimee Beemer

Renee could not be better suited for the role of School Board member! She brings a unique perspective as a past district employee and long-time dedicated parent volunteer. As an active community member and parent of four children who are going or have gone through BV Schools, she knows where we've been, where we are, and where we need to head.
– Gina and Matt Foster

Renee is a generous leader who knows how to step up and get things done. She has firm opinions and is unafraid to take a stand when action is needed but is also willing to listen to others' viewpoints. She's learned about special education needs through personal experience in her own family and gained a thorough knowledge of all levels of the district. Without a doubt, Renee's the one for this job!
– Chad and Danielle Underwood

Renee is a perfect candidate to be a Blue Valley School Board member. She has worked for the BV district, was a PTO President for several years and has 4 children that are/have been in the BV school district. Renee has experience working with students, parents, teachers and administrators and has an amazing ability to interact well with diverse individuals and interests. She is a great leader. Renee is very passionate, dedicated and committed to BV education. She is high energy and works hard to accomplish her goals. Renee would be a great addition to the Blue Valley School Board.
– Gina and Tom Gawlick

Renee is dedicated, knowledgeable and caring. Her four kiddos are in or already graduated from BV schools. I will vote for Renee, not only because she is a personal friend, but because I feel she has the best interests of our District, parents and students in mind and she will get the job done in the most beneficial way for our kids and our community.
– Mary Ogden

I have seen Renee in action for many years, and she has my full endorsement and support as a future member of the Blue Valley School District School Board. Please check out her website at and VOTE for Renee!!
– Heather MacKenzie

Renee has been very visible and involved at all levels with the Blue Valley Schools as a parent, volunteer, and employee. She will be a school board member that will listen to your concerns and will strive to make a difference for families and students in the district.
– Deb and Paul Campbell

Renee is a dedicated individual who is passionate about her family and community. I love that she has new innovated ideas and has the energy to see it through. Her desire is always kids first! 
–  Alicia Horner

No better candidate! She has been on the front lines of the Blue Valley School District for years. She has experienced the school district in a way that only a mother of four very different kids, with very different needs ever could. She is fair and she is consistent. A veteran within our district who is always standing up for what's best for our kids.
Justin & Rebecca Stoltman

Renee is an AMAZING woman, friend and mom of four! She inspires and encourages others, and she brings creative and fresh ideas to the table. She has worked in a BV elementary school and a BV high school where my children are enrolled, and this woman has her finger on the pulse of all things BV! She is beautiful, both inside and out, and she is oh so passionate about our school district! Without a doubt, Renee will serve our school district with every single child in mind!
Gretchen Icenhower Wilferth 

Renee is the perfect choice for this role. Her dedication and passion are unmatched. As a fellow Blue Valley parent and former co-worker, I have seen Renee work tirelessly to support families with her time and talent.
Sue Young

She is kind, caring and passionate about our children’s education! -Julie Christiansen

Renee's years of involvement in the schools is unsurpassed. Former employee, volunteer, and parent, she will bring insight to the board as the district continues to strive for educational success for all students. - Amy Rabovsky

- Tom Alumbaugh

- Justin &Rebecca Stoltman

- Stephanie Erickson

- Brian & Kathy Stark

- Craig & Tracy Elford

- Bernadette Fisher

- Philip Schwarz

- Trina Smith

- Debbie Waldon

- Leslie Porch

- Beth Beach

- Mary Jones

- Ken Fite

- Ken Heidenreich

- Rob & Becky Alfred

- Ovace & Nafees Mamnoon

- Leah Leese

- Erin Syring

- Amanda Todd

- Jeff & Pilar Wagoner

- Brandi Hughes

- Laura Sullivan

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