Renee Bartholome for Blue Valley Schools


I understand Blue Valley schools are a point of pride in our community.  Every member of our district staff; administration, certified and classified, is dedicated to providing education beyond expectation for ALL students. Everyone in this community plays an important role in assisting to accomplish this dream for every child in every school.  

As a parent of four very different children going through Blue Valley Schools, I understand every child is unique in their learning styles and circumstances. It is imperative we continue as a district on our upward path toward academic and personal success for each and every student. 

I have had many wonderful opportunities to volunteer and serve in a variety of roles for the last 13 years in the schools, at district level, and in the community. I've held many leadership positions and am known for my integrity, open-mindedness, ability to connect with others and encourage collaboration, as well as follow through and advocacy. I have the compassion, commitment, and common sense it takes to make decisions that will positively impact the students of Blue Valley. I also understand the time commitment this position requires and am ready to step up, work hard and work smart for this community  

I am excited to join a talented team of school board members to help shape the direction of this district as it "Reimagines Learning'.  I will bring my skill set and vast experience of working collaboratively to identify areas to improve and to solve problems.

Schools are very important to the families who live in the Blue Valley School District. Parents want to see their children succeed academically, but also want to see their children supported by adults who will encourage students to pursue their dreams while making smart choices and at the same time maintaining character and integrity. I believe Renee would do that whole heartedly. Renee has been heavily involved as a volunteer the entire time my children have been in school. She has dedicated countless hours making sure that students succeed in the classroom and have activities to keep them busy after school as well. There aren’t very many people who are continuously willing to VOLUNTEER their time, the way Renee has, to make sure the school’s staff and students are supported. I think Renee would be perfect for the School Board. I think she would bring a valuable perspective to the board and I know that she would do everything within her power to make sure that the Blue Valley School District is as successful as it can be. -Stephanie Erickson
  • Advocate for students’ mental health and other social-emotional needs while still preparing students academically for a changing world.
  • Individualized Learning Plans to help ensure all students have the tools to reach their full potential.
  • Embrace our district’s growing diversity and champion inclusion of all.
  • Continue to work to ensure the ongoing success of every student in every building, both current and future.


  • Recruitment, retention, and support are critical as we adapt to a future shortage of talented teachers.
  • Continue to provide mentoring and professional learning along with leadership opportunities and competitive compensation to all Blue Valley staff.
  • Pursue other higher educational institutions with strong programming and promote diversity throughout our district.  



  • Create stronger ties between the school board and parents/community members on topics that affect our students; vaping, substance abuse, bullying, suicide intervention, as well as mental health and wellness issues.
  • Encourage more involvement with our business community in helping prepare our students for occupations. Opportunities exist to introduce career paths for those students not interested in the traditional 4 year college path.
  • Work with our local legislators to support the need of public schools in Blue Valley and across Kansas.
Fiscal Responsibility:  
  • Maintain the high percentage level of tax payer dollars going to the classroom and supporting functions.
  • Investigate partnerships with community resources.
  • Work with legislators to maintain appropriate levels of funding for public schools.